Welcome to the WildWorks Group!

If you’ve visited our website before, you will notice significant changes. So let me give you a quick update on what we are doing.

For the past 15 years I have traveled extensively working as a facilitator with some of the finest organizations in the world.

What has been proven in each engagement is that our Results-based Conversations (RbC) method is a powerful tool in helping organizations initiate and support change.

Whether working with Fortune 500 organizations, non-profits, ministries or churches, we have seen great collaborative results.

During this time I have occasionally trained others in how to use the RbC method.

Now, I am expanding the scope at WildWorks Group to add a full-service training option for organizations that want to cost-effectively add the RbC methodology to their toolkit.

WaveChanger is our new name and we’ve added new logos.

As part of this change, I am also leading multiple training classes, in the U.S. and Europe, releasing new ToolKits and adding new features like my Blog and Videos.

My passion continues !!!!

Tom McGehee


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Session Facilitation

This is the heart of WaveChangers – the design and facilitation of collaborative sessions.

Facilitator Training

WaveChanger offers training in our RbC Method for both businesses and non-profits, ministries and churches.

Our Methodology

Results-based Conversations™ (RbC) is our principle-based method for highly effective group collaboration.  

RbC can be used with groups of any size and is typically marked with a blend of both “ah-ha” thinking, effective decision-making and specific action planning.

Change Process

WaveChange™ is a process for collaborative transformation.

It consists of a series of RbC sessions, along with coaching, conducted over several months, to help organizations improve results with panoramic change.