Managers &



Create an internal capability
for transformation.


Trainers &



Proven process reduces stress
and uncertainty.


Coaches &



Increase client site visits & outcomes.


Nonprofits &



Build engagement and
enhance community impact.


What our clients are saying

“As an executive with John Deere, I have used the RbC method in a variety of applications to include large corporate gatherings, unit strategy development sessions, and international sessions. The RbC method creates collaborative decisions, produces detailed actions, but just as important creates real ownership for those actions.”

DennyDaughtery, Director, Global Marketing   
John Deere

“In a global corporation, it is imperative to have an aligned leadership team to have any hope of executing a world-wide strategy. I have used the RbC method several times to create just such strategies.

Hilary Ware, Chief Human Resources Officer 
Cheniere Energy Inc.

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Continual growth and transformative change require collaboration.


WaveChanger helps organizations drive collaboration across the organization – it’s a process and methodology to help change the way your people get things done.