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Looking for facilitation training that includes more than techniques and games? WaveChanger is a non-traditional system of facilitation based on a methodology called Results-Based-Conversations (RbC) and utilizes a proven process for achieving results.

WaveChanger provides you with the skills to work with multiple groups, divisions, departments or organizations to build engagement and achieve your objectives.


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Collaborative Facilitation Training

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WaveChanger uses a 3-part approach. First, students are provided instruction on WaveChanger methodologies and core principles. Then, students practice their learning through imitating in a safe, nurturing environment. And finally, students will learn to innovate as they adapt key methods and processes to their unique situations. Read more details about the WaveChanger Approach.

About Training

WaveChanger utilizes a two-phase model for instruction which ensures the training is practical and applicable. The WaveChanger training is both intense and energetic. Students will be equipped with a proven process and practical tools that can be used as they tackle the challenges of applying the new knowledge gained during the training session.

Video Training

Upon registration, and prior to the training, students are provided a series of videos to watch which will introduce the concepts of WaveChanger and RbC methodologies. Watching the videos prior to training enables students to be prepared to apply their new knowledge through imitation and innovation during the classroom training session.

Videos include; Introduction to Wavechanger & RbC, Design of Team Meetings, Session Facilitation, The Six Principles of RbC, RbC Models and Common Questions.

Classroom Training

Next, the student attends classroom training which includes knowledge transfer, role-playing, and group discussions. Classroom training incorporates multiple interactions designed to engage students at both the head and heart level.

Each student will receive a Collaborative Facilitation journal to incorporate their notes and learning. This journal helps students capture key concepts for later review, and allows them to build a portfolio of approaches which can be applied to their own WaveChanger facilitation sessions.

Is WaveChanger for you?

Find out how WaveChanger can be applied to your unique role and situation.

Managers &



Create an internal capability
for transformation.


Trainers &



Proven process reduces stress
and uncertainty.


Coaches &



Increase client site visits & outcomes.


Nonprofits &



Build engagement and
enhance community impact.


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What our clients are saying

“As an executive with John Deere, I have used the RbC method in a variety of applications to include large corporate gatherings, unit strategy development sessions, and international sessions. The RbC method creates collaborative decisions, produces detailed actions, but just as important, creates real ownership for those actions.”

DennyDaughtery, Director, Global Marketing John Deere

“In a global corporation, it is imperative to have an aligned leadership team to have any hope of executing a world-wide strategy. I have used the RbC method several times to create just such strategies.

Hilary Ware, Chief Human Resources Officer 
Cheniere Energy Inc.

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