Churches & Ministries

The RbC method of facilitation has been effectively used by churches and ministries, as well as nonprofits and social organizations around the world.

The RbC method works within the organizational context, providing structure but not direction.  Instead, it is designed to help church and ministry leaders have the best conversations they can, in order to do what they believe God is calling them to do.

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Developed annual plan for board of directors for a national ministry.
Developing church/community partnerships.
Bringing together over 160 participants from 27 nations to collaborate on church planting throughout Europe.
Enabling NewThing to be a catalyst for reproducing churches.
Empowering Leadership Network to engage with over 200,000 church leaders around the world.


Developing strategy and planning with Salvation Army.

Helping mobilize over 750 young leaders from 160 countries at the Lausanne Global Young Leaders conference.
Developed a strategic plan for church revitalization and multiplication.
Developed global strategy for SaddleBack church in California.
Nine different denominations working together to expand evangelical churches in France.
Enabling the Baptist North American Mission Board in the roll out of a new vision.
Working with the Catholic Diocese to expand leadership development in Quebec.
Equipping the Lutheran Church for change.
Creating partnerships between multiple faiths for civic cooperation.

“I have experienced both the RbC method, and the WaveChange process, and I have found no better approach for church collaboration.

If you are a church pastor and need to align your staff around a vision or develop a strategy RbC is for you.

If you are in any kind of network and want to increase your impact, the WaveChange process will help you accelerate your results through true collaboration.”

Dan Southerland


David Ferguson, Pastor and Leader