Over the years I’ve served dozens of non-profits, churches and ministries.

I know the difference you make. That’s why I am excited to support your efforts to use Results-based Conversations in your mission.

What I do is more than a job, it is my calling and a part of my life mission.

If you are an employee of a qualified non-profit organization (such as a Church, Ministry, or Social Organization) you are eligible for discounts on RbC training.

We provide these discounts to support your efforts and encourage your attendance in our classes.  When a variety of organizations are represented, everyone’s experience is enriched.

During CheckOut you will have the opportunity to enter a Coupon Code and receive the discount. 

Discounts are based on where you personally live and are adjusted for cost-of-living differences.

If you live in the USA use “OUNP” as the Coupon code, for US classes, to get $2000 pricing.

If you live in Germany, France, Netherlands, U.K., Denmark, Finland, Norway, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Gibraltar, Sweden, Ireland, Austria, or Norway the pricing is $1350 (approx €1166), for European classes.

For all other European countries, please use “MONP” as the Coupon code, for European classes, to get an additional discount.


Tom McGehee