Over the years I’ve served dozens of churches and ministries.

I know the difference you make. That’s why I am excited to support your efforts to use Results-based Conversations in your mission.

What I do is more than a job, it is my calling and a part of my life mission.

If you are an employee of a qualified non-profit organization (such as a Church, Ministry, or Social Organization) you are eligible for a minimum 20% discount on RbC training. 

We recognize that economic conditions affect the ability of some individuals to attend.  We offer additional discounts based on the country you live in.

During CheckOut you will have the opportunity to enter a Promo Code and receive the discount.

If your home address is in the USA use Promo Code “OUNP” and get a 20% discount ($2,000).

If your home address is in Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Netherlands, U.K., Denmark, Finland, Norway, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Gibraltar, Sweden, Ireland, Austria, Japan or Norway use Promo Code “OTNP“.  You will receive a 46% discount ($1,350).

For home addresses in all other countries, please use Promo Code “MONP” and receive a 72% discount ($700).


Tom McGehee