Transformative Change through Collaborative Training


Build change readiness into your organization through WaveChanger designed facilitation!

Today’s business climate is fast-paced, and ever-evolving.  

Globalization, technology, disruptive trends… not to mention the competition nipping at your heels.

Your organization is under pressure to change and modernize, just to keep up.  Add growth and innovation goals to the mix, and it sometimes feels impossible to efficiently make the necessary changes.

Transformative change is a process that requires continued collaboration across the entire organization.  But, that can be the tricky part…collaboration.

Especially when you have large, distributed organizations with diverse, multi-functional groups. 

Or, when ingrained patterns of thinking and behaving result in a ‘this is how we do it’ approach to problem solving.

Change is a Tricky Thing.

You can create a tsunami and wreck everything you’ve built.  Or…
You can create a ripple and find that things quickly go back to the way they were.
The idea is to create the right waves of change that push the organization, the right direction, at the right pace, so you reach your goals.

– Tom McGehee

WaveChanger Training provides

a proven process

for Transformative Change!

WaveChanger is different from traditional facilitation. 

Used in hundreds of organizations around the world,

it’s focused on building collaborative relationships

between teams, groups and third-parties.

It’s a repeatable process based on our proven our RbC methodology.

WaveChanger helps organizations fully realize and successfully implement strategic goals faster by revealing creativity, building consensus, and driving results.

Robust & Diverse

Highly effective in complex and urgent environments, WaveChanger facilitation is proven to work across diverse, multi-functional teams, and across numerous industries including Oil & Gas, Retail, Communications, Manufacturing, Consulting & Technology

WaveChanger is  complementary to other training including leadership development, change management and team development.

Scalable & Replicable

WaveChanger training equips you with a dependable process, methodology and tools that adapt to your organization’s unique needs.

From small groups to large– from one meeting to thousands.  WaveChanger supplements your initial training with tools and resources that help you, and your organization, continue your growth.



Creates Internal Capacity

WaveChanger training enables organizations to learn and build an internal capability for collaboration and change readiness.

From cross-organizational initiatives, to strategic planning, to organizational transformation, WaveChanger helps organizations evolve at the speed of today’s business climate.



Builds Alignment

It’s difficult to achieve goals when everyone isn’t on board.

WaveChanger promotes understanding and moves teams with varying perspectives to collaborate and engage.

WaveChanger nurtures conviction and belief in the desired outcome and is built on the premise that teams support what they create.

Eliminates Barriers

Collaboration across diverse teams and organizational structures can be challenging.

Barriers such as different cultures, languages, age groups, or even entitlement of rights or roles can all block progress before the meeting ever starts.

The unique process and methodology of WaveChanger helps organizations collaborate effectively across boundaries.


Accelerates Results

The in-the-room facilitation process of WaveChanger enables teams and organizations to get to work quickly and enables greater coordination and collaboration.

Incorporating tenets from Design Thinking and Co-Creation models, WaveChanger is a solutions-based approach that challenges assumptions, reduces noise and helps teams cut through long approval processes.

WaveChanger is designed for

Organizational Leaders, Managers, Consultants,

Facilitators & Project Managers!

How can WaveChanger Training help you?

For Organizations

  • Create culture of collaboration
  • Empower diverse workgroups
  • Enhance alliances and partnerships
  • Manage organizational change
  • Integrate remote work teams
  • Discover innovative solutions

For Managers, Facilitators, Consultants

  • Reduce stress with a proven process protocol
  • Increase productivity & outcomes of sessions
  • Minimize session disruptions
  • Reduce barriers to collaboration
  • Improve skills and facilitation capability without use of gimmicky techniques

WaveChanger equips organizations with training and tools

to enable the organization

to be more effective in transformational efforts!

WaveChanger offers one of the most effective tools for collaborative leadership I’ve ever experienced.

I highly recommend it to managers at all levels and in all types of organizations!

Ken Blanchard

CO-Founder & CSO, The Ken Blanchard Companies

“In a global corporation, it is imperative to have an aligned leadership team to have any hope of executing a world-wide strategy.
I have used the RbC method several times to create just such strategies.

Each time the process accelerated results, reduced our overall risk, and created real alignment and buy-in across business lines, andgeographic regions.”

Hilary Ware

Chief Human Resources Officer, Cheniere Energy, Inc.

“As an executive with John Deere, I have used the RbC method in a variety of applications to include large corporate gatherings, unit strategy development sessions, and international sessions.
The RbC method creates collaborative decisions, produces detailed actions, but just as important creates real ownership for those actions.”

Denny Daughtery

Director, Global Marketing, John Deere

Collaboration is not just about bringing the right people together at the right time, you also need a process or a method to allow those involved to bring all of their gifts, all of their insights and experiences to the table. 

For years now, I have had the pleasure of working with Tom McGehee at WaveChangers, and seeing his collaborative method at work.

I highly recommend that you consider participating in WaveChanger training!

David Ferguson

Lead Pastor and Visionary Leader, New Thing


  • Fosters 360˚ comprehension

  • Breaks down barriers

  • Stimulates meaningful collaboration

  • Creates ‘in-the-room’ answers

  • Accelerates results

  • Something
  • Something
  • Something


  • Increases ROI – ‘We teach you model’ builds internal capability
  • Scalable and flexible- process applicable to any size group or objective where change and innovation is required
  • Complements other leadership and organizational development training
  • Designed for urgent & complex situations
  • Works across cultural, gender, age, functional boundaries

WaveChanger builds effective collaboration as a foundational component of organizational health and performance. 

It reduces organizational friction,

creates common objectives,

motivates people and

helps employees understand the value of their contributions.

Transformative change requires collaboration.

WaveChanger helps organizations drive collaboration across the organization –

it’s a process and methodology to help change the way your people get things done.

Organizational Culture Alignment

Performance Management

Change Management

Learning & Development

Human Capital Management

Workforce Transformation