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Your ministry or nonprofit has a clear vision and you have the right staff.  Yet, there doesn’t seem to be the energy and engagement you would like to see.  You sense that many gifts and talents in your church are dormant because so many are busy and unfocused.

Since relationships are essential to the health of the organization, you are concerned that some members are not building deeper relationships, while others are not engaging in service.

How can you build a community of believers who collaborate in love, for the kingdom of Christ?

How can you equip your church to reach out with one heart and passion?

WaveChanger collaborative facilitation training delivers a proven process that helps grow collaboration, engagement, and impact.

WaveChanger Collaborative
Facilitation Training
helps you:

  • Build an engaged, passionate community
  • Improve leadership skills
  • Build effective strategic planning and annual budgeting process
  • Build stronger partnerships
  • Establish a reliable process of growth and continual revitalization
  • Extend impact on our community
  • Unleash dormant gifts and talents
  • Increase member involvement


Collaborative Facilitation Training

Designed for ministries and nonprofits who need to navigate complex challenges, bridge the gap between diverse groups, and encourage collaboration and support. WaveChanger Facilitation Training is different from most facilitation training because it is based on a proven process and methodology that helps cut silos and garner engagement.

WaveChanger is a 1-day training that includes a mixture of video pre-work, in-class instruction, and hands-on learning that lets participants hone their skills in a nurturing environment.  There’s no gimmicky facilitation tricks — and no need to be the subject matter expert on the facilitation topic. WaveChanger gives you the tools needed to get participants engaged so you can create greater impact for your mission.


What you will learn:

  • Learn the components of effective collaborative leadership
  • Gain knowledge for how to increase member and staff engagement
  • Understand how to apply the WaveChanger methodology across any situation
  • How to engage and align diverse groups
  • Understand how to create opportunities that inspire innovation and revitalization thinking
  • Explore different management decision models and their outcomes

What you will take away:

  •  A proven process for establishing a culture that values collaboration
  • Tools for building deeper member relationships
  • A robust system of principles that you can adapt to any situation or culture
  • An understanding of how to create renewed energy and a sense of commitment among participants
  • Confidence in your abilities to lead diversity and reduce barriers to engagement
  • Execution methodologies that consistently deliver results

Great for Ministries & Nonprofits who:

  • Work with complex situations and large groups
  • Need to engage diverse segments, cultures, and personalities
  • Want to deliver on your mission with a greater impact
  • Seek a proven methodology for growth and revitalization
  • Want to improve collaboration and engagement of members

With so many challenges facing our ministry, we were looking for a way to build engagement and revitalize our efforts to fulfill our mission. We turned to WaveChanger and we’re so thankful we did.

Pastor Geoff

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