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You have hired a great team and you have determined a clear strategy.  Now it’s time to act.  But your gut tells you something is missing.  Your teams are not collaborating as effectively or efficiently as you need.  You find communications are hindered between departments.  Meetings occur but you don’t see the decisions, action, ownership and engagement emerging.

You know that collaboration is a critical component to your organizational growth and success.

How do you overcome the silos, better leverage your resources, improve team collaboration, produce greater results and encourage the adaptability/innovation you need to excel?

WaveChanger leader workshops provide a proven process to help cut through silos…
and accelerate results.

WaveChanger Collaborative
Leader Workshops help you:

  • Minimize silos that disrupt progress
  • Align and empower diverse workgroups to create momentum
  • Create an internal capability for transformation and growth
  • Build a culture of engagement and accountability
  • Unleash innovation
  • Integrate remote work teams
  • Enhance alliances and partnerships
  • Accelerate measurable results

What are 

Collaborative Leader Workshops?

Designed for organizational leaders and managers, WaveChanger Leader Workshops are 1 or 2-day workshops designed to equip you with …. more copy here from service description. Copy about why it is important, what the benefits are, and specific information about the service.


What you will learn:

  • Learn the components of effective collaborative leadership
  • Gain insights into knowledge, understanding, decision & action
  • Understand the value, challenge, and approach to incorporating diversity
  • Learn how iteration and emergence increases quality and productivity
  • Understand how to increase employee’s engagement and alignment
  • Explore different management decision models and their outcomes
  • Experience a collaborative session process with others

What you will take away:

  •  A process for establishing a culture that values collaboration
  •  A vision for how you can give others a voice and ownership
  • An understanding of how to create fresh energy and sense of accountability
  • Knowledge and tools to build greater relationships with the community
  • Greater confidence in leading diversity in your staff

Well-suited for:

  • Mergers & acquisitions
  • Organizational change initiatives
  • Revitalization & growth
  • Internal capability development
  • Cross-organizational Initiatives
  • Strategic planning
  • Integrating remote and diverse workgroups & cultures
  • Restructuring
  • Complex or urgent situations
  • Partnership & alliance development

As an executive with John Deere, I have used the WaveChanger method in a variety of applications to include large corporate gatherings, unit strategy development sessions, and international sessions.

The WaveChanger method creates collaborative decisions, produces detailed actions, and just as important — creates real ownership for those actions.

Denny Daughtery

Director, Global Marketing, John Deere

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