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You love your job as a meeting facilitator or trainer.  And, you value the trust your organization puts in you to get the job done… because you always come through.  But sometimes, the stress can be nerve-racking. Constantly planning for varying group sizes, diverse subjects and work teams – and even personality types.

How do you ensure these meetings are always productive and deliver the expected outcome?

How do you get everyone in the room to collaborate without gimmicky techniques?

And, how can you confidently prepare for meeting-after-meeting without wearing yourself out?


WaveChanger Collaborative Facilitation Training provides a proven process to help facilitators reduce stress, increase collaboration, and get results.

WaveChanger Collaborative
Facilitation Training
will help you:

  • Reduce stress with a proven process
  • Improve your confidence in facilitating complex meetings
  • Increase productivity and outcome
    of sessions
  • Minimize session disruptions
  • Reduce barriers to collaboration
  • Improve facilitation skills
    without gimmicky techniques


Collaborative Facilitation Training

Designed for facilitators and trainers who are expected to facilitate meetings with complex or urgent topics, across diverse teams … and get results. WaveChanger Facilitation Training is different from most facilitation training because it is based on a proven process and methodology that helps cut silos and garner engagement.

WaveChanger is a 1-day training that includes a mixture of video pre-work, in-class instruction, and hands-on learning that lets participants hone their skills in a nurturing environment.  There’s no gimmicky facilitation tricks — and no need to be the subject matter expert on the facilitation topic. WaveChanger gives you the tools needed to get all participants engaged and productive. So you can get the results needed, without feeling overwhelmed or out of control.


What you will learn:

  • Learn the WaveChanger methodology and process
  • How to design a collaborative facilitation meeting to ensure outcomes
  • Understand how to apply the methodology across any situation
  • How to engage and align diverse groups without facilitation tricks
  • Understand how to create opportunities that inspire innovation and ‘ah-ha’ thinking
  • Learn how to manage disruptions, common session killers and various personalities to keep collaboration on track
  • Explore different management decision models and their outcomes

What you will take away:

  •  A proven process that reduces stress and prep time prior to meetings
  • A robust system of principles that you can adapt to any meeting situation or culture
  • An understanding of how to create renewed energy and a sense of accountability among participants
  • Confidence in your abilities to engage diverse teams and build deeper relationships
  • Execution methodologies that consistently deliver results

Great for Facilitators, Trainers, & Project Managers who:

  • Facilitate large meetings with complex and/or urgent issues
  • Work with diverse teams, cultures, and personalities
  • Have high demands for multiple meetings
  • Want to improve skills & confidence
  • Seeking to enhance career
  • Want to improve collaboration and ownership of participants
  • Wants to be the ‘go-to’ person to facilitate meetings within the organization

I’m so glad I found WaveChanger! The process and methodology gave me the confidence I didn’t have before. 


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