Training Sample





Below are three screenshots that illustrate the Video training experience.  They show the User Dashboard, an Introduction Video and a Sample Lesson.  You can scroll right or left to view each screenshot.


You can view the Video Training using a browser on your computer, tablet or phone.  We recommend you have an internet connection to ensure the video quality is acceptable.

Each course includes one or more downloadable PDF files that you can use for taking notes.

Videos are 5-12 minutes in length.  During each video, the major points, that are being introduced, are highlighted on the bottom of the screen.  You can choose to view each video in Full Screen mode, Pause and Restart.

You can watch a Video lesson, exit and continue later when convenient.  To return to your training, login and you can click on the RESUME TRAINING button.  This will take you to the appropriate spot in the Video Course where you last finished

Below is the introductory Video for RbC Facilitation!